How To Find A Good Host

Finding a good host can be difficult. First, you have to ask yourself what do you need regarding bandwidth, storage, and scripting? Is your site going to be a portal where users upload tons of dynamic content? Do you plan to sell stuff? Are you expecting thousands of visitors a day? If not, then maybe looking for a host that offers the cheapest package for starters is the way to go.

There are many sites that offer cheap affordable hosting for under $20 per month. Some even go as low as $1. You could even get a free host! Yes, that is correct, a free web host! But there is a catch, most free hosting providers force you to put their ads on your site to cover the costs. They also might restrict certain types of scripts or throttle your bandwidth when you go over. If your site is just going to be a basic blog or a fan site then maybe that type of host is for you.

Most of the lower to mid cost solutions are shared web hosting or virtual hosting meaning you share a server with others who choose that type of hosting. Some packages differ and there are some security risks if the file permissions were not properly configured. They also don’t support HTTPS which most eCommerce sites usually use for secure transactions like shopping carts. Virtual private server or VPS is what a good number of medium to large sites use. It provides more security since each Virtual server is its own server. It is usually offered as Unmanaged hosting or Unmetered hosting too. The higher cost solutions are usually Dedicated Hosting or Managed Hosting. They offer everything but are pretty expensive. The majority of sites that pick Dedicated hosting are large sites that get millions of visitors. Here are few helpful tips on how to find a good host. 1. Look for reviews. Search for information about the web host you’re thinking about using before signing up. 2. Compare prices and packages to other hosts and look for hidden costs. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.