What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a unique type of hosting where you are not meant to host your own website. This is a hosting option where you can sell the server space to other people that need their websites hosted. This gives you a new business opportunity to make some money, and it can be perfectly paired with many different online services. Read on to see if you should use reseller hosting. What is it?

Reseller hosting means that the Web host is selling you a portion of its server space that is meant specifically for other people. This is basically like outsourcing Web hosting services to someone else. Instead of hosting your own servers and running the data center, you just have to pay the monthly fee and some minor administrative tasks.

Most reseller hosts will give you a control panel so that you can analyze and manage any of the websites that you are hosting. Most reseller hosting accounts give you enough resources to host many smaller websites, but they may not be appropriate for larger websites. This entirely depends on the host you are using and how many resources you are paying for.

Advantages The best thing about reseller hosting is that this is an affordable way to buy server space that you can sell to other people. The server space is sold at a wholesale rate, so you shouldn’t have any problems making money by selling it to other people at a normal rate (such as $10 a month for smaller websites). This is also much easier than managing your own servers. You would need a data room with temperature control to ensure that the servers don’t overheat, and you would also need a lot of electricity to power those servers. You don’t need to worry about any of that with reseller hosting.

Disadvantages Don’t bother using shared hosting for your own website. It would be cheaper to buy server space from the host because you are only paying for your own website, whereas reseller hosting is priced in the expectation that you will have several clients. While managing your own server is harder, it also costs much less. You can cut costs by about 30-50% by having your own server, but most people don’t have the experience and skill to do this, which can make it a major headache.

Pricing Pricing entirely depends on how many resources you are buying. Most starter plans are about $20 or less a month, and the larger accounts can go up to $80 to $100 a month. However, you should have no problem covering the cost if you have a few clients. Who Should Use it? This is the perfect type of hosting for people who offer online services, especially those that design websites. You can offer hosting on the side to ensure that your client’s website actually goes online. This gives you some extra money, and it also gives you the opportunity to manage your client’s website. Many people offering SEO, copywriting and graphic design can also add this service on the side to improve their range of services.

Conclusion If you offer any online services, or if you want to start your own Web host, then reseller hosting is the best way to do it. But it is always important to check some reviews before diving into it. ordinarymoves.com is one of my preferred websites when checking reviews for different hosting companies. This gives you the opportunity to make money without having to invest that much in return. Not only that, but it’s fairly easy to manage your clients once you have them.