Comparing Streaming TV Services

HBO is known for the quality of content it delivers. This is the reason why the channel has been successful in promoting its very own streaming service that features only HBO content. In fact, HBO was the first major channel to come out with such an offering. It started with HBO GO. But, to use this service the user needed a pay TV login. However, the channel later came out with a completely online version of this service called HBO Now. You do not need to subscribe to any other service to get HBO Now. Just set up an account and at $14.99 per month, you can enjoy all that HBO has to offer.

This is for those users who love the lineup of TV shows on CBS. After all, CBS is home to The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, and some old timers like Taxi and The Twilight Zone. There is an extensive collection of all Star Trek episodes as well. So, if you are a fan of CBS, then this is not a bad pick at all. The subscription fee is only $5.99 and the latest shows are ready to be streamed within 24 hours of being aired. The service supports two simultaneous streams and the classic TV programming is free of any advertisements. However, popular and late night programming has its shares of commercials in between the shows.

If you think that single channel streaming services will not cut it for a TV show buff like you, then Hulu Plus may be a better choice to consider. This streaming service is well-known for its awesome collection of television shows that are mostly updated as soon as the TV show airs on cable TV. This is something that you will not find even with the best of streaming services. Hulu Plus also offers movie titles for streaming, but the movie library does not even come close to what the service has to offer in terms of TV shows. The subscription to Hulu Plus costs only $7.99. However, you should know that there is a fair amount of commercials within the streamed content. There is a new ad-free pack that Hulu Plus has come up with, for which the user has to pay $11.99 per month. But, even after you subscribe to this package some popular shows may be streamed with a few ads. You can access Hulu Plus through a variety of devices, and you will hardly face any issues on this front.

This service is what streaming service has come to be synonymous with. It has been in the business for so long that Netflix & Chill has even become a part of the popular culture. The quality of content on Netflix and the amazing user interface of the service is what makes it a winner. The movie collection on Netflix is breathtaking with many recent releases up for streaming as well. Old titles are regularly removed and replaced with new ones. There is a good variety of television shows available as well. However, the episodes are not constantly updated. So, do not expect to find the most recently aired episode on Netflix. Apart from this, there is a lot of original programming offered by Netflix. So, if you want to watch the much-liked House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Bloodline, and more, you will have to subscribe to Netflix. There are three subscription packages to choose from. The monthly plans each cost $7.99, $9.99, and $11.99, which come with one, two and four simultaneous streams respectively. The highest plan also comes with 4K support. With Netflix, you will not face any kind of hardware incompatibility issues either. It works well with almost all kinds of device from smartphones, and laptops, to streaming boxes.

This is another streaming service that works almost in popular streaming devices that is very similar to Netflix. It offers a large variety of shows and movie titles for your entertainment. Thanks to its partnership with Viacom, Warner Bros., and other content providers, Amazon has been able to build an impressive library in a short time. There should be no doubt that Amazon will keep forging such relationships and make its service even better over time. This streaming service has two features that Netflix is not offering its users yet. The Amazon streaming service offers its users the facility of offline downloads. If you are a frequent traveler, you will understand how valuable this can be. Whenever you have access to an internet connection, you can download the content you want, and you can watch it at a later time at your convenience. Other than this, Amazon has thrown in a number of freebies with this subscription. There is the free Amazon 2-day delivery, a free Kindle ebook every month, access to Amazon Music, and more.

Sling TV is a new entrant in the field of streaming services. The service has an offering that every cord cutter has been waiting for. It is basically live TV without requiring you to get into a contract with any cable company. The Sling TV subscription will cost you $20, and you will be able to watch around 20 live channels like CNN, TBS, Food Network, History, and more. The most notable part of the offering is that this basic pack also offers ESPN and ESPN 2. Until now, sports fans did not have any alternative to cable when it comes to watching their favorite games. However, with Sling TV, that is going to change.