Ultimate Guide To Buying a GPS

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you can now enjoy using the latest motorcycle GPS systems. The GPS units come with communication and entertainment features. However, finding the best motorcycle GPS can be a daunting task. That’s why we have summarized for you an all-inclusive guide to aid in your purchasing decision.

1. Garmin Zumo 595LM

This is one of the most reputable GPS devices. It features adventurous routing options for twisty hilly rides. Zumo GPS will do the thinking, planning and navigation while you concentrate on your ride.


· 5.0-inch high-resistance touchscreen

The dual-orientation touchscreen is designed to withstand harsh weather. It can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. Further, it displays a realistic view of junctions and interchanges. The GPS will always indicate the proper lane position and the next entry or exit.

· Bluetooth connectivity

The GPS is connected with Bluetooth to enable the rider enjoy music when on the ride. It’s compatible with smartphones. This enables the rider can hear spoken directions via the headset, hands-free.

· Smart notifications

For a safer ride, the GPS give helpful alerts like speed changes, animal crossings, school lanes, rail road etc. On the other hand, the rider gets notifications on state helmet laws. Best of all, it will notify you when it’s time to rest by calculating how long you’ve been on the road.

2. Tom Tom Rider 400

This GPS is a worthy competitor to Garmin’s dominance in the motorcycle GPS niche.


· User interface

It features a simple and intuitive menu which makes it one of the best motorcycle GPS. Accessing functions is just a click away. The keyboard comes with over-sized keys for the rider. Further, the screen features a portrait or landscape view.

· Navigation

Riders can choose a route depending on how winding they are. This GPS has put emphasis on route planning and sharing. If you want to custom routes, you can use the third-party route planning software. At the same time, you can still enjoy hands-free calling using a Bluetooth headset.

· Installation

It’s easy to install and features a vibration proof RAM mounting. Since it’s designed to fit variety of bikes, it can be mounted in any position. The GPS comes with a bike dock for a simple self-locking mechanism.

3. Garmin Nuvi 2557LMT Portable motorbike GPS

This GPS is compatible with all motorcycles. It features an advanced, revolutionary GPS model and comes with the most detailed of maps imaginable. Further, it’s fitted with a 5-inch WQVGA color TFT touchscreen with a manual dual-orientation display. Depending on the prevailing developments, the rider can receive constant and consistent updates. The GPS has a voice guide to ensure you are heading in the right direction. With this traveling companion, you don’t have to avert your eyes from the road when riding.


When shopping for the best motorcycle GPS, you should choose one that features a sturdy construction. Secondly, it should be able to withstand harsh weather like direct sunlight, wind, dust and rain. Thirdly, it should be well-equipped with navigation features like voice guidance, rider alerts, way-points, route planning, map support among others. Most importantly, it should deliver up-to-date traffic information.